Top 5 Earning Blogs in 2012

Fenz, today I am not going to write any blogging tip for you. But I have listed out top 5 blogs in the internet world in terms of income and online earning. You can really motivate your self by looking at some of these extra-ordinary blogs. Every blogger should have these blogs as idols in his/her mind as these blogs are an example of hard work and patience resulting in huge income online for their owners.
Before I list out these blogs for you, I would like to clear two things. Firstly, the incomes shown here are not exact, these are just estimates and approximations. Secondly, these blogs have taken a long time and a lot of hard work to reach at this position. This was no overnight magic.

Tops 5 Blogs in Terms of Earnings!

  1. Huffington Post :- This blog started in 2005 is currently on the top of the list of online earning. Owned by Ariaana Huffingston, this blog has a daily income of a whopping  $30k approx. Huffington Post is currently estimated to be of value $21 million. Pay per click advertising forms the major part of the income of this blog.
  2. Mashable :- This blog also started in 2005, stands at number two position in terms of income. Owned by Pete Cashmore, Mashable earns $15k daily and is estimated to be of worth $15 million. Banner advertising is the major source of income for this blog.
  3. Techcrunch :- Owned by Michael Arrington, this blog is making $14k daily and is currently valued at $10 million. Again banner advertising is the major source of income for this blog.
  4. Engadget :- Engadget owned by Peter Rojas makes $10k daily and is currently estimated to be of worth $8 million. This blog was started back in 2004. Most of the income comes from advertising banners.
  5. Smashing Magazines :- This blog is currently owned by Vitaly Friedman. Smashing Magazines makes $7k daily and has a value of $5 million.
There are many more blogs which are making thousands of dollars on a daily basis. These blogs have shown what traffic can do for your blog. Though a dream of every blogger, these types of earnings are definitely possible if you are consistent with your content, baclinking and SEO.


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