How to Recover a Download That’s Been Cancelled

Even if the speed of our internet connection is constantly increasing, there are still moments when it goes down, or when some other problems appear and our downloads suffer from this. Some lose speed and only work with a few kbps and some stop.
The problems appear when we try to resume these downloads. Sometimes, these downloads break and further download is impossible. When this happens, we turn our eye towards download managers that help us recover broken downloads. And in moments like those, a few tips on which is the best or other tricks we could try, are most welcome.

Dear Fenz, broken downloads appear whenever there are connection problems with our Internet access, or when the files on the server are corrupt or unreachable. This might sound like a big problem, but fear not, there are ways we can overcome this inconvenience. Although not all of them work, and not all downloads are recoverable, some can be “helped along”.
What happens is that a fragment of the encryption code is unreadable, or a part of the download cannot be accessed, and so, the entire file becomes unreachable. Although the parts that seem to be missing are still on the server, we just can’t get to them, and for that, there are all sorts of applications out there that can give us that helping hand.

Tips on Recovering Broken Downloads

  • Close your Internet connection and reconnect. This trick has worked for me numerous times and it still works. When a download fails, I close the Internet connection and resume the download after I reconnect.
  • Stop and resume the download. This method works usually when the speed of the download goes down and it cannot download anymore. This simple trick that can help is to renew its connection to the server and it will give the download a fresh connection.
  • If any other method does not work, then a re-download might do the trick. Deleting the temp file and restarting the download might prove to be the solution.
  • Searching for an alternate mirror. If a server is causing you trouble when downloading, then it’s better to look for another mirror server that has the same file and try downloading it from there. This will be the best solution and it will most likely take care of your problem.
  • If you want to download from a file sharing website, then request a new download link. Many have expired download links and getting a fresh one can help you download your files.


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