Get Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Make your Windows to a start screen similar like upcoming Windows 8 OS. The Start Screen (start menu) in Windows 8 shows live tiles of the installed programs and its very similar to look of Windows Phone 7. This cool tool called Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 will give you same ultimate look.

I've also posted many other skin packs like Android skin pack or Windows 8 Skin pack under my Windows Theme Section. This New Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 transformation pack will give a ultimate feel of the upcoming completely redesigned operating system called Windows 8. You can use Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 pack on any version of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit version and its created by Dncube at deviantart and all credit goes to him.

Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 for XP, Vista, 7
Windows 8 Start Screen (Click to Enlarge)

Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 will shows very similar start screen with live tiles of installed application on your desktop. Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 will give you closest resemblance to Windows 8. You'll feel the touch like scrolling by simply dragging. You can drag it to left or right. It has lots of features and you can read ReadMe.pdf in download package to see hidden effects and features.

Features in Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0

> Socialite Tile for Facebook
> Tweet@rama for Twitter
> News Tile
> Weather Tile
> Picstream Flickr Tile
> Gmail Tile
>Other tiles include paintplay, inkpad, Piano, NearMe, Browser tile, Notespace Tile, Various Shortcut tiles which can be configured
> Mopod Tile to play music, Angry Birds Game, Fruit Ninja Game and limitless .
> In short more than Windows 8 is offering
> And this comes in small package of 12mb
> Uses less resources and CPU
> A simple lite app

Windows 8 Start Screen Full 3.0 is available for download to any version of Windows XP, Vista and 7 with or without SP1 and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

NOTE: Not forget to create a system restore point before installing any skin pack or customization tool so that you can restore default Windows look in case you don't like the new look or face any problem. After finish installation restart your system. Some skin pack also comes with a 3rd party browser toolbar. You can use custom installation if you don't like to install them.


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