Control Upto 4 PCs With Single Keyboard & Mouse


Using multiple computers at the same desk, find it difficult to use multiple sets of mice and keyboards.Now you can share single mouse and keyboard with all the machines. You can even drag and drop files between them.

Not just this you can even copy and paste text between computers and drag files from one to the other. It's for Windows Only.
Steps to get it working.
Firstly Install the software. Now after pressing the no button on first computer , you will see a screen like shown below. Take note of Security Code and This Computer’s Name.


Now go to other computer , install the software. Press Yes on First Screen . You will see a screen shown below. Type in the Security Code and Other Computer’s Name which you copied earlier.


After this you will see a screen shown below


After successful linking you will see a screen shown below. Now just take your mouse and hit it on the left and right side of the screen and switch between all the computers. That’s it.




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