Most imp 3 tips for Google sites

Hi! Everybody, like any other tool, Google Sites will also provide you the maximum benefit when you know about the different options and ways that you can choose while using it. Following are three tips that will surely help you at some point in time while using Google Sites.Tip

 1 - Add a +1 Button to your Google Site Just like Facebook's 'Like' button, the '+1' Button is something that visitors at your site find very easy to use to as a feedback option. Also, new visitors will be able to see which ones of the articles on your site are better the others by seeing the number of times the '+1' button was pressed. Hence, it is highly preferable that you embed it. Following are the instructions to do so.

1.    Go to 'more' and then to 'manage site'
2.    Click 'site layout' and move on the bar on the left
3.    Click 'add sidebar item'
4.    Click 'add' right next to the '+1' button.
5.    You can choose where to place the '+1' button. Drag the button the exact spot on the   
        sidebar where  you want the '+1' button to be.
6.    Click 'save' to make the change permanent.Tip

 2 - How to Delete a Site There might come a point when you would want to delete a website you created on Google Sites earlier. Once you delete a page, you do have the option of recovering it. So, don't be too upset while deleting one. Following are the instructions to do so.

1.    Login into the Google account that has authority of making changes to the Google Site you wish to delete.
2.    Go to 'more actions' and then to 'manage site'
3.    Click the 'general' option on the left bar.
4.    In the menu that appears, go right at the bottom and find the option 'Delete this Site' under the heading 'Site Actions'
5.    A warning will appear saying 'Really delete Restore Example?' Click on the 'delete' button in that window.Tip
3 - A Few Google Sites Keyboard Shortcuts Professional web designers know how keyboard shortcuts are way too easier than using the mouse for different purposes. Following are a few shortcuts that will sure speed you up when working on Google Sites.The keyboard shortcut feature is by default switched on. If you somehow cannot use it, it might be possible that the option has not been enabled for some reason. To enable it, follow the steps below.1. The page has a   icon at the top.2. Click the 'user settings' option.3. Tick the check box titled 'enable keyboard shortcuts'.4. Save the changes you made.           


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