Make your car as low risk as possible with insurance

when We all have a car and an insurance with it,you have to think how to Make your car as low risk as possible.
car sketch 300x142 Make your car as low risk as possible
You can lower your car’s ‘risk’ factor by:
  • Parking in a safer place, e.g. on a driveway, in your garage or in a locked car park.
  • Installing a good car alarm, Thatcham Category 1 alarms are recognized by most insurance companies.
  • Installing a Tracker system to help the police locate the car if it is stolen.
  • Removing any aftermarket modifications such as custom alloy wheels, spoilers etc.
  • Using a steering wheel lock to deter thieves.
The lower the risk the car is; the lower the premium is likley to be.

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Great list to save your car from any threat.
Does these features has some effect on premium?

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