How to Minimize applications in samsung java phone

In java mobile phone we are not able to minimize any application but here is some tricks how to minimize the applications in samsung mobiles..

Go to Admin Settings by dialing*#6984125*#
Then Go to Internals by using master key *#9072641*#
Go to Java settings

Go to VM setting
Go to VM Mode
Now click on MVM Mode and choose MVm and user allow background…
go back to previous screen by pressing back key .
click on MVM MIDlet max count (this is only if you want to be able to run multiple apps)
choose the amount of apps you would like to be able to run at one time.
Go back by pressing back button click on MVM user End key option
click on Hide pause.
Click on Save and ur phone will reboot automatically. and now when ever u close ur app directly pressing red cancel button u will see option to minimize app.

please dont try any experiment with other features. you may lost ur software…


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