Easy Applications to Retrieve Clipboard History

If you want to retrieve clipboard history ,it is become easy by using some tools. Clipboard is a data buffer in Windows operating system which temporarily stores the copied data. Whenever we copy text, images from any file or web then it automatically stores in the clipboard for the later use. Clipboard gets overridden whenever new content is copied i.e. the content that you have recently copied will replace the older content placed in it. Clipboard only store the last copied content nothing else which is the major drawback of Windows clipboard. There are 4 top applications to monitor clipboard activities and retrieve information from it.


Clipdiary is widely used powerful clipboard manager which stores every piece of information going on Windows clipboard. Clipdiary can store text, images and any other file and can be retrieved at any time in future. Clipdiary will save all the records only if it is running in background. It can stores piece of information upto 7 days. Clipdiary is not freeware application but it can be downloaded for 30 days with full functionality.
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ClipMagic does the same which clipdiary do. But ClipMagic has some more advanced features that were not available in clipdiary. You can say clipdiary is excerpt of ClipMagic. ClipMagic is also a shareware application which users can download as 30 days trial period. But its trial version includes all the features of its paid version. Its advance features are:-
  • Categorize/organize your clips. You can also create filters/rules for your incoming clips
  • You can store/categorize your ideas to research fast
  • Assign often used text like email signatures to hotkeys
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Ditto is a open source freeware application which stores the text, images and many other files. Ditto is the best alternative of both Clipdiary and ClipMagic because it is available for free and does all what above applications can do. Some features of Ditto gas discussed below:-
  • Assign hotkeys to frequently used clippings
  • Search and organize the clippings based on task or project
  • Supports unicode so that you can copy foreign and non-standard characters without any issues
  • Get a preview of all the copied items including thumbnails of images just by pressing the assigned hotkey
  • Ditto comes as a freeware so that you can enjoy all of it’s features free of cost
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