How to Access Websites That Won’t Load

Sometimes When we click a link to open it,The our browser show a error page. But if It is neccessery for us to open the website then trickblast4u has got some solution for it. The are as below.......

Google Cache

Google Cache, which we’ve covered along with other Google search hacks, is a quick way to view a misbehaving website. Google’s cache links used to be front and center on its search page, but they’re now hidden behind an arrow that appears when you hover over a search result.

There’s a faster way to access cached pages that you may not be aware of. Just type cache:into the search box, followed by the address of the webpage you want to access.

Google doesn’t cache images, so you may need to use the Text-only version link.

Bing users aren’t left out. Bing has a Cached page link hidden behind an arrow, too.

Coral CDN
The Coral content distribution network is ideal for accessing websites that are down due to a high amount of traffic — maybe they’ve been linked to on Slashdot or Reddit.

Using it is as simple as adding to the domain name of a website or webpage. So, if you want to access MakeUseOf’s homepage through it, you’d use ““. If you wanted to access the MakeUseOf post I just linked to, you’d use ““.
If this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry – you can also access the Coral CDN Homepage and plug in a website or webpage address.

The Wayback Machine

We’ve covered’s Wayback Machine extensively in the past. Not only is it a way to view a website that won’t load, it’s a way to travel back in time and view what websites used to look like. This tool is indispensable if you’re trying to access a website that’s been down for a while, or view a specific page that’s been removed.

Visit the, plug in a website address and click Take Me Back.


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