1). Open opera.

2). Now click on toolsPreferences (below ss)..
3). Now in Preferences. Click on AdvanceNetwork.
4). In Network setting click on Proxy Servers…
5). Then new window will appear. Now in Proxy server…
Check On HTTP/HTTPS server…
Put Ip: port:8080 in both.
6). Now click OK. [[DONE]]
 Now U can open any site.


 Now How To Use in IDM??
1). Open Idm
2). Now click on DownloadsOption.

3). It will open IDM configuration. Now click on proxy..
4). Edit proxy. See below Screen-Shot.
5). Now Click OK [[DONE]]
Now U can download any File via IDM with 30kb/s speed.
Again we have one problem, WHAT??
\\We cant download more than 3 MB.
So here its answer about unlimited downloading


For unlimited download we have to use SSL proxy.
::Search by google SSL proxy.
Its also known as https proxy.example::..
Now I have two proxy site which can give download with resume support. If u have any other proxy then post here.
(i). https://tor-proxy.net
(ii). https://freesslproxy.com
Tor proxy give unlimited download with resume
Free SSL give only 100 mb download with resume.
::Shortcut dwnld in Tor-Proxy::
1). U have dwnld link::
2). Now copy dwnld link and paste in below url query;;
[code]https://tor-proxy.net/proxy/express/browse.php?u=“http://fzuploads.com/files/11/14/1289752998-rutull009-78999-Dawns_Light_2_Special_Edition.rar”&b=26 [code]
Without (“ ”

3). [[Done]]: Download file only in IDM not in Opera.