Other secret tricks for sony ericsson mobile or cellphone

Sony Ericsson Secret Menu:
> * < < * < * > means press joystick or arrow keys to right
< means press joystick or arrow keys to left 1. push joy stick to RIGHT once 2. press * 3. push joy stick to LEFT twice 4. press * 5. push joy stick to LEFT once 6. press * The Service Menu will appears containing following information ! 1. Service Info a. Software Version b. SIMlock c. Configuration 2. Service Setting a. Contrast 3. Service Test a. Display b. LED/Illumination - *This test is very cool c. Keyboard d. Buzzer e. Vibrator f. Earphone g. Microphone h. Real Time Clock i. Joystick Counter* Lockstatus: < * * < Shortcut to last dialed numbers: 0# Shortcut to sim numbers: On main menu type a number and press # If you change the language from default to any other language, then it may be difficult to switch to default language. The shortcut is very simple. Just press < 0000 >
< stands for left arrow button or joystick and > stands for right arrow button or joystick.

Secret Games: Snake on the T68
Go to Erix and then on the main screen press 123 and you will be taken to the game.

Secret Message:
On Tetris on the main screen when the blocks are falling press 397 and a message will appear.


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