Reduce call rate in airtel local A2A 10ps and other mobile At 30ps

Here is the ploy for all community airtel to airtel at 10ps and other locall calls at 30ps per small Just follow the steps given below

Step 1:Send an sms as PORT ur mobile digit to 1900
Step 2:You will get a repeat thought.
Step 3:Wait for a small time the customer care detective from airtel will call you
Step 4:He will question you what for you send thought?Repeat him as every other networks providing offers for customers with uncommon diplomacy airtel is not giving
Step 5:Now he will clarify the airtel offers
Step 6:Now say to him I need this place forward(A2A 10ps other 30ps)
Step7:Nou you will get activate this plot for free Its not fake …
Its tested by me in Gujarat …
Check in your state….
Just try it you will not lose no matter what business in view of the fact that 1900 is toll freee digit Enjoyyyyyyyy


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